Clear Food Pans Polycarbonate (PC)

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Clear Food Pans Polycarbonate (PC)

Keep your food fresh and secure with the help of our stackable KH Clear Food Pans Polycarbonate.

Designed to expand the functionality of your food storage and serving operation, this food pan offers an economical option for busy foodservice establishments.

Firstly, the food pan’s durable polycarbonate construction is resistant to stains and chemicals.

Which promotes increased longevity in addition to added flavor and freshness protection.

A great addition to your kitchen, used to prep, store, transport, and serve food items.

Secondly, a spoonable bottom makes removing contents easier, allowing your guests or employees to scoop up every ounce of food, reducing food waste.

It’s perfect for use in your buffet line or salad bar!

Thanks to the clear material, this food pan offers optimum visibility for quick product identification.

Plus, it includes capacity indicators molded in the side in both liter and quart measurements. Allowing quick and easy inventory management.

The polycarbonate construction is resistant to food odours and stains.

Ideal for hot or cold foods like chicken, roasts, fries, steam vegetables, mash, peas and pasta.

The strong durable designed for easy filling and cleaning of raw food material. Therefore makes the pan the perfect kitchen item for any kitchen or even at home.

Lastly, cleaning the pan is a breeze simply hand wash or dish wash under normal conditions.