KH Nut Cracker Chrome

  • Designed To Fit All Size Of Nuts
  • Heavy Duty
  • Double Jaw Cracker
  • Dishwasher Safe
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Spend less time cracking your lobster and more time enjoying it with this KH Nut Cracker Chrome!

A must-have addition to any catered event, buffet, or seafood restaurant, this KH Nut Cracker Chrome will also simplify tedious crab and lobster shelling.

This heavy-duty double-jaw cracker allows you to clamp down and crack open nuts, lobster claws, crab legs, or crab shells with one easy motion.

Crack With Confidence

The hinged, double-jaw design and jagged interior teeth enable you to clamp down on shellfish of various sizes and easily crack the shell without ripping apart the meat, ensuring you can enjoy your meal to the fullest.

Whether it’s crab legs, lobster shells, or even nuts, this classic steel cracker is a useful tool for a variety of entrees!

Durable Chrome

Built to last, this lobster cracker is made of chrome corrosion resistance.

Comfortable Grip

Its ergonomic design and smooth handles provide a simple, comfortable grip so your staff and guests can use the cracker with ease.

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Brand KH Classik Chef
Material Chrome
Overall Length 154mm
Colour Silver
Edge Style Serrated


  • Jaws shaped like lobster claws for optimum cracking abilities
  • Cracks open nuts and shellfish without ripping up meat
  • Smooth handles for comfortable use
  • Opens to nearly 180 degrees for different sized shellfish and easy cleaning