Cool Room Plastic Shelving

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Cool Room Plastic Shelving

Keep your storage area organized with the commercial-grade KH Adjustable Plastic Coolroom Shelving!

This grey Plastic Coolroom Shelving kit includes (4) shelves with removable shelf plates and (4) posts, which allow you to create a convenient storage solution for your restaurant coolroom, warehouse or walk-in pantry.

Incredibly easy to install

This kit can be quickly assembled once it arrives so that you can begin using it immediately!

Maximum versatility

The grey plastic coating allows for use in either dry or moist environments, making the unit a commercial-grade, multipurpose investment that’s sure to accommodate your ever-evolving needs.

Plus casters can be attached, this particular unit provides the benefit of mobility, making it easy to move aside for thorough cleaning.

Superior Ventilation

Each shelf features proper ventilation of stored products and removable drop mat / shelf.

They’re adjustable, too; since the posts are marked in intervals and use a split sleeve system of assembly, the shelves are easy to move higher or lower along the posts.

This is especially great for expanding businesses that may not have finalized their product offerings.

Dishwashable Shelf Plates

To protect the shelves, the shelf plates are removable. Since the shelf plates are removable, you can quickly take the shelf plates off for cleaning.

In fact, the shelf plate sections can even be run through a commercial dishwasher. Saving you time and effort during the cleaning process.

Great Temperature Range

It can withstand temperatures as low as -2 degrees Celsius and as high as 50 degrees Celsius without breaking down.

Durable Rust Free Material

Made with durable material that is as strong as steel, this shelving unit still weighs lighter than steel and is easier to set up, clean, and maintain.

No exposed metal means it remains Rust Free. In addition this shelving meets the rigorous use within a commercial kitchen.

This unit will not rust, corrode, or peel, even when used in wet, dry, hot, or cold areas.

With its professional-looking brushed graphite color and great durability, this vented unit is perfect for any area of your business, even humid rooms or cold walk-in freezers.

Set Includes

Equipped with posts, post connectors, shelves and traverses, you’ll have everything you need to start building this versatile and efficient shelving system right out of the box.