We stock a great range of commercial buffetware and display equipment designed for commercial food environments such as hotels, catering, retail, buffets, receptions and more.

Display your buffet food perfectly with the different features and applications including full size chafer dishes, stackable chafing dishes, electric chafing dishes, and chafing dish roll tops. As well as half size chafer dishes, soup warmers, cereal dispensers, water dispensers, chafer fuel holders, chafer warmers and more.

When it comes to buffets, presentation is everything. It’s extremely important that your buffetware is both visually appealing, serves the correct purpose and also upholds food integrity with appropriate temperature controls. Our buffetware are in classic shapes and with simple style so they match your existing collection and have removable components making them easy to clean and store.

Firstly, our range of commercial grade buffet displays are used in hospitality establishments Australia wide and area a favourite among front of house, kitchen and waiter staff. Secondly, our buffetware are proudly manufactured by global manufacturer Sunnex and Ken Hands so you can be assured of their quality. Use our chafers with chafer fuel or go with one of our electric chafers or electric soup warmers.

Above all, our range of buffet display options are durable and won’t let you down!

We have 35 years’ experience in the Australian Hospitality industry, and the knowledge we have accrued during this time has been incorporated into our products to ensure we produce high quality buffetware that will stand the test of time. We also offer next day business despatch so you can start using your products as soon as possible. If you’d like more product information, prices, specs or photos, please get in touch with us. We’re known for our speedy and unmatched customer service.

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