KH Bar Free Pourer

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KH Bar Free Pourer

KH Bar Free Pourer

Our KH Bar Free Pourer are commercial grade and are most popular in bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

Firstly, this tool assists with consistent pour speed, accuracy and control is what has made them an essential tool. A favourite item for many Mixologists, Flair Bartending Competitors and Bartenders.

This black plastic free flow liquor pourer features a free-pouring mechanism that allows the liquor to pour smoothly without clogging, making it the ideal choice for busy bartenders.

Its easy-to-use design helps with accuracy to eliminate overpours, spills, while simultaneously boosting profits. This free flow pourer will help you keep up with drink orders steadily coming in at your club, restaurant, or catered event.

Secondly, with a slim, collar-less design, this pourer allows you to pour liquor, juices, and flavoring syrups with speed and accuracy. Helping to increase efficiency and reduced customer waiting time.

As a result its long, tapered jet ensures direct pouring, helping to avoid spillage and unwanted messes.

Add this pourer to bottles at your restaurant, bar, or lounge to ensure a superior customer experience.

When one bottle runs out and you need to transfer the pourer to a new one. Simply wash it by hand in lukewarm, soapy water, and rinse before use.

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