Glass Baskets

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Glass Baskets

KH Glass Baskets

The KH Glass Baskets Rack range are a hospitality industry favourite.

KH Glass Baskets used in the Australian hospitality industry in places like bars, clubs and outdoor events.

The range includes glass storage baskets, glass drip tray and compartment baskets.

Keep your bottle service area organised. This glass rack is designed to make the life of the bartender a little more easier.

Perfect for rentals and catering operations. This coated wire compartment catering glassware basket boasts perfectly sized compartments.

Fits many common beer glasses, including nonics, vic conicals, dimple mugs and pilsner.

The compartment height provides added support for especially tall versions of these types of glassware.

It makes transporting and storing all of your glassware easy, while helping minimize breakage.

The PVC coating makes the glass rack easy to wipe clean which is especially important is you’re using the glass rack to collect used glasses.

With these basket, your glassware will also dry faster, with less spotting than in plastic racks or baskets!

For added convenience, you can easily stack empty or full racks for storage and transport. The strong frame holds its shape even when you stack them.

This hospitality dishwasher glass rack over sink used in hospitality establishments Australia wide.

As a result designed keeping employee safety in mind allowing the user to perform a range of tasks.

Ideal for use with beer glasses.

Easily clean by hand wash or clean in any commercial dishwasher.

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