Stainless Steel Punch Bowl

Stainless Steel Punch Bowl

Sunnex Stainless Steel Punch Bowl

Need a quality fruit Stainless Steel Punch Bowl?

Nothing beats Sunnex Punch Bowl.

Sunnex Fruit Punch Bowl Stainless Steel used in hospitality establishments Australia wide.

In places like restaurants, buffets, bars, outdoor events and similar locations.

Serve your chilled beverages in style with these metal punchbowl!

Firstly, this versatile item is great for storing ice and submerging sodas, as well as serving punch or sangria directly from the bowl.

The wide open top provides a large area for guests and staff alike to view and make drink selections.

Plus, its pedestal design is great for adding dimension to buffet tables at catered events.

Secondly, the strong SS construction boasts an attractive design, made of sturdy stainless steel, this fruit punchbowl is built to last.

The brush finish adds shine and an elegant flair to any display.

Thirdly, featuring an ample capacity to minimize refills, this punch bowl is an ideal addition to any banquet, reception, hotel lobby, or party.

In addition the large restaurant Punch Bowl is food safe to meet Australian food safety regulations.

The stainless steel construction features a tampered lip and strong circular base.

Ideal for serving fruit punch, presenting bottles in ice or a large salad dish.

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