KH Rye Stainless Steel Cutlery

  • Clean Lines And A Modern Ultra-sleek Style
  • Ideal For Table Settings At Hotels, Restaurants And Catered Events
  • Teardrop Handle With A Polished Mirror Finish
Code Name Unit Qty
XC801 Rye Coffee Spoon Dz 50
XC802 Rye Teaspoon Dz 50
XC803 Rye Dessert Spoon Dz 25
XC804 Rye Dessert Fork Dz 25
XC805 Rye Soup Spoon Dz 25
XC806 Rye Table Fork Dz 25
XC807 Rye Table Spoon Dz 25
XC808 Rye Dessert Knife Serr Dz 20
XC810 Rye Table Knife Dz 20
XC811 Rye Cake Fork Dz 50
XC814 Rye Fruit Spoon Dz 50
XC815 Rye Fruit Fork Dz 50
XC816 Rye Oyster Fork Dz 50
XC817 Rye Parfait Spoon Dz 50
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Give your guests functional flatware with the KH Rye Stainless Steel Cutlery (medium weight).

Rye Design (Teardrop Handle)

This rye line boasts a classic design with a smooth rounded handle, and thanks to its subtlety it won’t feel out of place in a casual dining atmosphere. Its polished mirror finish offers a professional appearance, yet doesn’t take the focus away from your perfectly-plated culinary creations.

18/0 Stainless Steel

Boasting an 18/0 stainless steel construction, this sleek flatware is best used in a casual and warm dining area.

Modern Presentation

Provide guests with an unforgettable dining experience with this modern style. Bring an ultra-sleek look to table settings at hotel, restaurants and catered events.

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Spoons & Forks: Stainless Steel 18 / 0
Knives: Stainless Steel 13 / 0
Height Of Tallest Utensil 220mm
Brand KH (Ken Hands)


  • Polished Finish
  • Clean Look
  • Very Popular For Cafe And Restaurant
  • Polished Bowls, Blades & Tynes
  • Dishwasher Safe Under Normal Conditions
  • All Cutlery Must Be Immediately Dried After Washing