KH Aluminium Saucepan And Lid

  • Tapered Design
  • Suitable For Gas, Electric And Open Fire Cooking
  • Hanging Handle
  • Strong Riveted Handle
  • Brush Finish
Code Name Unit Qty
ALSAU15 155mm Dia X 96mm H Ea 12
ALSAU15-C Cover 1.5lt Ea 12
ALSAU25 200mm Dia X 100mm H Ea 12
ALSAU25-C Cover 2.5lt Ea 12
ALSAU35 235mm Dia X 120mm H Ea 12
ALSAU35-C Cover 3.5lt Ea 12
ALSAU45 235mm Dia X 130mm H Ea 12
ALSAU45-C Cover 4.5lt Ea 12
ALSAU55 252mm Dia X 132mm H Ea 12
ALSAU55-C Cover 5.5lt Ea 12
ALSAU70 273mm Dia X 146mm H Ea 12
ALSAU70-C Cover 7.0lt Ea 12
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This KH Aluminium Saucepan stands up to the toughest food service environments.

This pan is great for soups, sauces, gravy, pastas, risotto, oatmeal, custards, puddings, and blanching vegetables.

Aluminum is a great heat conductor, so this sauce pan promotes even heating and eliminates hot spots. Create a variety of dishes with the help of this sauce pan!

Standard weight aluminum construction; measures 2.5mm thick

Measuring 2.5mm thick, its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance through washing, storage, and constant heating.

Superior thermal conductivity

Made with commercial restaurant grade aluminum, this saucepan offers superior thermal conductivity.

Tapered Design

A tapered sauce pan is ideal for cooking at lower temperatures for a longer time, because the smaller bottom diameter allows for less heat exposure.

The flared sides of the sauce pan promote good stirring action, making it perfect for sauces and custards that require frequent stirring.

The tapered design on this sauce pan also allows it to nest for convenient storage, helping you maximize your limited space.

Riveted handle aid in transportation

This pan features a sturdy handle that’s riveted on, ensuring a very rigid connection between handle and vessel, while guaranteeing longevity even in a commercial kitchen.

The handle also has a hanging hole which additionally helps with storage.

Durable, economical solution for everyday cooking tasks

Most importantly it’s suitable for gas, electric and open fire cooking. The strong stockpot designed for multiple continuous daily use.

Brand KH Classik Chef
Material Aluminium
Material Thickness 2.5mm
Material Finish Brushed
ALSAU15 – 1.5lt

ALSAU25 – 2.5lt

ALSAU35 – 3.5lt

ALSAU45 – 4.5lt

ALSAU55 – 5.5lt

ALSAU70 – 7.0lt

ALSAU15 – 96mm

ALSAU25 – 100mm

ALSAU35 – 120mm

ALSAU45 – 130mm

ALSAU55 – 132mm

ALSAU70 – 146mm

Top Diameter
ALSAU15 – 155mm

ALSAU25 – 200mm

ALSAU35 – 235mm

ALSAU45 – 235mm

ALSAU55 – 252mm

ALSAU70 – 273mm

Handle Length
ALSAU15 – 145mm

ALSAU25 – 163mm

ALSAU35 – 200mm

ALSAU45 – 200mm

ALSAU55 – 225mm

ALSAU70 – 237mm

Shape Round
Handle Type Riveted
Dishwasher Safe No
Stackable Yes


  • Tapered design is ideal for cooking at lower temperatures for extended lengths of time due to limited heat exposure
  • Riveted handle design ensures a secure connection and promotes longevity
  • Flared sides promote good stirring, making it perfect for custards and sauces