KH Stainless Steel Stockpot

  • Lid Included
  • Suitable For Gas, Electric And Induction Cooking
  • Perfect For Stews, Sauces And Soups
  • Secure Welded Handles
  • Dishwasher, Oven, Refrigerator And Freezer Safe Under Normal Conditions
Code Name Unit Qty
STOSS08 Stockpot + Lid Stainless Steel #8 220 X 200mm Ea 1
STOSS12 Stockpot + Lid Stainless Steel #12 240 X 220mm Ea 1
STOSS16 Stockpot + Lid Stainless Steel #16 280 X 250mm Ea 1
STOSS20 Stockpot + Lid Stainless Steel #20 320 X 270mm Ea 1
STOSS24 Stockpot + Lid Stainless Steel #24 340 X 270mm Ea 1
STOSS32 Stockpot + Lid Stainless Steel #32 360 X 310mm Ea 1
STOSS40 Stockpot + Lid Stainless Steel #40 400 X 310mm Ea 1
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Use this KH Stainless Steel Stockpot and Lid for a number of everyday kitchen tasks.

These stockpots are perfect for throwing together a soup-of-the-day, steaming fresh vegetables, or whipping up a whopping batch of creamy mashed potatoes.

Standard weight stainless steel construction with 5mm base

Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance through washing, storage, and constant heating.

Superior thermal conductivity that works on induction stovetops

Made with commercial restaurant grade stainless steel, this stock pot offers superior thermal conductivity.

Wide base and high walls that allow for cooking a wide range of items

Thanks to a wide base and high walls, this versatile pot can cook nearly anything inside.

Two thick, welded handles aid in transportation

Two strong welded handles aid in transportation throughout your kitchen or dining space.

Flavor Neutrality

With its nonreactive stainless steel interior and smooth surface, this stock pot is easy to clean, won’t discolor, and won’t react to acidic foods, which could impact the flavor of your dishes.

Durable, economical solution for everyday cooking tasks

Most importantly it’s suitable for induction, gas, electric and open fire cooking. The strong stockpot designed for multiple continuous daily use.

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Brand KH Classik Chef
Material Stainless Steel 18:10
Material Thickness Body 0.8mm Thick (STOSS08, STOSS12, STOSS16, STOSS20)

1.0mm Thick (STOSS24, STOSS32)

1.2mm Thick (STOSS40)

Material Base 5mm Deluxe Heavy Duty Sandwich Base
Material Finish Brushed
Capacity STOSS08: 8lt approximately

STOSS12: 12lt approximately

STOSS16: 16lt approximately

STOSS20: 20lt approximately

STOSS24: 24lt approximately

STOSS32: 32lt approximately

STOSS40: 40lt approxomately

Dimension STOSS08: 220 x 200mm Deep

STOSS12: 240 x 220mm Deep

STOSS16: 280 x 250mm Deep

STOSS20: 320 x 270mm Deep

STOSS24: 340 x 270mm Deep

STOSS32: 360 x 310mm Deep

STOSS40: 400 x 310mm Deep

Dishwasher Safe Yes
Oven Safe Yes
Colour Silver
Lid Included Yes


  • Smooth, non-reactive stainless steel interior promotes flavor neutrality
  • Welded on handles allow for effortless transport in busy commercial kitchens
  • Included cover helps retain heat and moisture to maximize flavors and prevent spills