KH Aluminium Pizza Trays (Australian Made)

  • Made In Australia
  • Rolled Edge
  • Can Be Used In A Wood Oven
  • Dishwasher Safe But May Cause Discolouration, Handwash Recommended
Code Name Unit Qty
PIZ015 Pizza Tray Aluminium 15cm (6") Ea 1
PIZ020 Pizza Tray Aluminium 20cm (8") Ea 1
PIZ023 Pizza Tray Aluminium 23cm (9") Ea 1
PIZ025 Pizza Tray Aluminium 25cm (10") Ea 1
PIZ028 Pizza Tray Aluminium 28cm (11") Ea 1
PIZ030 Pizza Tray Aluminium 30cm (12") Ea 1
PIZ032 Pizza Tray Aluminium 32cm (13") Ea 1
PIZ035 Pizza Tray Aluminium 35cm (14") Ea 1
PIZ038 Pizza Tray Aluminium 38cm (15") Ea 1
PIZ040 Pizza Tray Aluminium 40cm (16") Ea 1
PIZ045 Pizza Tray Aluminium 45cm (18") Ea 1
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Streamline your operation by baking, transporting, and serving delicious pizza and other tasty meals with this KH Aluminium Pizza Trays (Australian Made)!

From oven to table, the KH wide rim pizza pan offers a lightweight, easy-to-carry baking and serving alternative for pizzas or various side dishes.

Australian Made

Support local manufacturing by buying these quality pizza trays!

Lightweight and durable aluminum construction

You can expect this pan to endure frequent use in a commercial kitchen.

This tray helps promote more even cooking than comparable thin pans and ensures longevity through repeated use.

Bake, transport, and serve in same pan to streamline your operation

Baking and serving in the same pan not only saves valuable time by cutting out additional steps.

It reduces the number of dishes that need to be washed, which completely streamlines your operation.

Serving solution that is unique, trendy, and economically friendly

Serve traditional hot items like pizza, nachos, cheesy fries. This pan offers a unique display option.

Wide rim style optimizes handling during transport and service

The wide rim design holds the pizza in place, which makes it perfect for fast-paced environments, ensuring the product reaches your guests and not the floor.

Plus, it’s excellent for conducting heat, which cooks pizzas evenly and quickly.

Perfectly sized for pizzas, oven-to-table appetizers, and pub sandwiches

Offered in various sizes, this product is excellent for pizzerias, restaurants, sandwich shops, buffets, or simply upgrading your baking equipment at an economical cost.

Our pans are perfectly sized for pizzas, oven-to-table appetizers, and pub sandwiches!


KH Classik Chef






PIZ015 – 150mm / 6″
PIZ020 – 200mm / 8″
PIZ023 – 230mm / 9″
PIZ025 – 250mm / 10″
PIZ028 – 280mm / 11″
PIZ030 – 300mm / 12″
PIZ032 – 320mm / 13″
PIZ035 – 350mm / 14″
PIZ038 – 380mm / 15″
PIZ040 – 400mm / 16″
PIZ045 – 450mm / 18″

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  • Made In Australia
  • Rolled Edge
  • Can Be Used In A Wood Oven
  • Dishwasher Safe But May Cause Discolouration, Handwash Recommended