Caring For Stainless Steel Cutlery

Caring For Stainless Steel Cutlery

Stainless steel is a ubiquitous material with a wide variety of applications–from use in medical devices, to kitchen equipment parts, to shelving and cooking utensils.
Much of this metallic material is that it is stainless, in theory, it doesn’t rust. However, if you have ever owned or used a stainless steel product it is likely that you have noticed rust (corrosion) and you may have even questioned if its name is a misnomer.
Why does a materials claim to fame as “stainless” rust?
As with any other item, special treatment to prolong the life of your cutlery is essential in minimizing operation costs.
Here are some simple stems that you can take to preserve the life of your stainless steel.

Caring For Stainless Steel With Stains On Cutlery

Once cutlery has been used, it should be cleaned as soon as possible. If not cleaned, foods such as salt, egg, acid fruits and vinegars can cause marks of colour and stains on your cutlery.
Once cutlery has been used, it should never be left for any length of time with food on it. The cutlery either needs to be washed or rinsed immediately after use as prolonged contact with.
Oiley and greasy foods from meats can sometimes leave stubborn rainbow coloured stains. Once cleaned, the cutlery will be as good as new after the stain / food material has been removed.

Washing KH Cutlery

When washing cutlery in a dishwasher, it should always be washed in a standing position, not lying flat.
To preserve the life of cutlery, as soon as the cleaning cycle is finished. Remove cutlery and dry with a soft cloth.
In some areas water may leave a calcium spot or certain food material, remove them by hand washing.
To remove tougher stains not removed by the dishwasher, consider using lemon juice, vinegar or a stainless steel purpose cleaner.
Misuse or a fault within a dishwasher can caused corrosion or stainless to the highest grade of stainless steel. Rust marks are not an indication of poor craftmanship.

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