• PGC Tumbler Stackable 200mL
  • PGC Tumbler Stackable 200mL

PGC® Plastic Stackable Tumbler Glass 200mL (Polycarbonate)

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17695 PGC® Plastic Stackable Tumbler Glass 200mL (Polycarbonate) Ctn 150
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Need quality plastic glassware? Nothing beats Australian made plastic glass from The PGC® family.

PGC® Plastic Stackable Tumbler Glass 200mL used in the Australian hospitality industry in places like restaurants, bars and outdoor events .

Firstly, the commercial grade plastic glass features a strong polycarbonate construction.

Instantly upgrade the beverage service at any wedding reception, banquet, and other catered event with this stylish PGC tumbler.

Its lightweight design also allows for simple product separation, enabling you to easily grab it, fill it with your signature drinks, and quickly serve guests.

The lightweight polycarbonate plastic,  not only enables easy lifting for a more optimal drinking experience, but it also provides superior strength for increased longevity in the busiest of establishments.

Boasting a crystal-clear construction, this tumbler expertly showcases colorful sodas, teas, and mixed drinks. Enhance your presentation, while also making it easy for servers to identify the various drinks when serving customers.

Due to its shatter and chip resistant design, this product delivers the ideal beverageware alternative. Especially for business owners looking to cut replacement costs and minimize liability from broken glass.

Its rolled rim promotes easy sipping and presents customers with a comfortable drinking experience.

Secondly, this plastic Stackable Tumbler meets the rigorous use within the commercial industry.

This tumbler’s sleek, tapered sides make it easy to hold and serve making service safer and more efficient.

The strong plastic Tumbler allow you to enjoy soda, juice and spirits outdoors in the same way you enjoy them indoors.

The PGC® Plastic Stackable Tumbler Glass 200mL makes the perfect bar glass for any commercial bar, tavern, pub or even at home.

Cleaning the glass is easy, either hand wash or clean in any commercial dishwasher under normal cleaning conditions. (Guide here)

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Material Polycarbonate
Capacity 200ml
Height 94mm H / 63mm Top Diameter
Brand PGC
  • Made In Australia
  • Stackable
  • Plastic Glassware Is Perfect For Quick, Easy Cleanup In Your Home Or Licensed Premises.
  • Re-Usable
  • Dishwasher Safe Under Normal Conditions

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