KH Traditional Plate Base Insulated Green (#2)

Compatible With Traditional & Moderne Plate Cover

  • Designed to hold a standard 240mm plate
  • Part of a complete meal delivery system
  • Double-wall insulated with urethane foam
  • Ensures excellent heat retention
  • Ideal for hospitals, long term care facilities and correctional facilities
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98036 KH Traditional Plate Base Insulated Green (#2) Ctn 12
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KH Healthcare Traditional Plate Base Insulated Green designed to fit a 230mm plate for easy service of hot meals at your health care, long-term care or correctional facility.

KH Traditional Plate Base Insulated Green is used in the Australian hospitality industry. In places like aged care homes, nursing homes and similar healthcare areas.

Keeps meals at holding temperature

Thanks to the inner insulated core, keeping food at holding temperature can be achieved. Keep your serving service efficient and prepare meals ahead of time. Made to make the life of the chef a little more easier.

In addition when used with the insulated cover, minimizes risk of airborne contamination during transportation between kitchen and patient.

Therefore making it easier to serve multiple meals at a time.

Compatible Insulated Cover

This plate base can be used with the KH Traditional Insulated Plate Cover #1 and KH Moderne Insulated Plate Cover #31.

Built For Repeated Constant Use

All KH Healthcare items are durable and able to withstand the rigorous use within the commercial industry.


This insulated plate base is stackable and will help save space in kitchens and food preparation areas.

Easy to clean

Most of all cleaning the KH Plate Cover’s easy. Hand wash or clean in any commercial dishwasher.


KH Healthcare

ID Number


Diameter (Approx) 265mm DIA
Height (Approx) 40mm
Weight (Approx) 176g
Fits 230mm DIA Plate

Compatible Products

Traditional Plate Cover #1

Moderne Plate Cover #31

Material (Outer)

Polypropylene (PP)

Material (Inner)

Polyurethane (PU)



Dishwasher Safe




Microwave Safe


Now you can choose between the Traditional design plate cover or our new Moderne design plate cover.
Our plate base (#2) is suitable for both. The choice of cover is yours.

  • Space Saving Design
  • Fully Foam Insulated To Keep Foods Holding Temperature
  • ID Number On Base For Easy Product Identification
  • High Inside Contours For Better Food Clearance
  • Textured Surface
  • Available In 3 Colours
  • Ergonomic Nob For Easy Lifting Of Lid Before Serving