KH P.E Cutting Board Brown

  • NSF Approved
  • Colour Coded
  • Non-Toxic
  • Dishwasher Safe
Code Name Unit Qty
35410 P.E.Cutting Board 400mm X 253mm Brown Ctn 1
35467 P.E.Cutting Board 457mm X 305mm Brown Ctn 1
35518 P.E.Cutting Board 508mm X 381mm Brown Ctn 1
35620 P.E.Cutting Board 610mm X 457mm Brown Ctn 1
35752 P.E.Cutting Board 508 X 381 X19mm Brown Ctn 1
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Prepare your food with proper sanitation and hygiene with KH P.E Cutting Board Brown.

A dependable addition to your kitchen prep tools that can withstand every day use in a bustling kitchen.

Ideal for Cooked Meats

This cutting board can be used for cutting any items; however, it is important to adopt a color code system in your restaurant to prevent cross-contamination and to engage in food allergy management.

Because this board is brown, it should ideally be used for cooked meats. Slice and cut anything from cooked steak to cooked chicken.

Maximum Sanitation

The material guarantees maximum sanitation, resisting cut-grooving, which could potentially absorb juice, bacteria, or odor, without compromising your blade’s sharpness.

Non-Skid Design

The non-skid design securely holds this board in place during use in order to mitigate any slipping and sliding, helping to prevent cutting accidents and food falls.

Prevents Cross Contamination

Practicing safe food methods not only protects your guests from cross contamination or unintentional allergen exposure, but also protects your business from liability associated with breaches of food safety.


KH Classik Chef


PE Polyethylene

Dimensions (Approx)


35410: 400 x 253 x 12.7mm

35467: 457 x 305 x 12.7mm

35518: 508 x 381 x 12.7mm

35620: 610 x 457 x 12.7mm

35752: 508 x 381 x 19.0mm



NSF Approved


Dishwasher Safe


Colour Code Guide
Blue: Seafood
Green: Vegetables
Red: Raw Meats
Yellow: Poultry
Brown: Cooked Meats

  • NSF Approved
  • Colour Coded To Help You Identify Food Types In Order To Prevent Cross Contamination In The Kitchen
  • HACCP Approved & Colour Coded To Meet Regulations
  • Non-Toxic