KH P.E Cutting Board Red

  • NSF Approved
  • Colour Coded
  • HACCP Approved
  • Non-Toxic
  • Stackable


Code Name Unit Qty
35406 P.E.Cutting Board 400mm X 253mm Red Ctn 1
35463 P.E.Cutting Board 457mm X 305mm Red Ctn 1
35514 P.E.Cutting Board 508mm X 381mm Blue Ctn 1
35616 P.E.Cutting Board 610mm X 457mm Red Ctn 1
35748 P.E.Cutting Board 508 X 381 X19mm Red Ctn 1
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Need quality plastic cutting boards? Consider KH P.E. Cutting Board Red

KH P.E. Cutting Board Red are used in the Australian hospitality industry.

In places like restaurants, bars, kitchens and similar locations.

Firstly, the commercial grade plastic board made of strong polyethylene (P.E).Made of non-porous, high-density polyethylene material, this cutting board colour is a versatile addition to any kitchen. These boards will not stain or absorb juice, bacteria, or odor, helping you practice proper food handling. The nonskid surface of these lightweight cutting boards is gentle on knives for ultimate performance.

Secondly, KH plastic chopping board comes in various colours to meet hospitality industry demands. In addition, KH cutting boards help prevent cross-contamination in your busy kitchen. Above all, the colour coded board help staff identify food types. This also prevents cross contamination.

When following a color-coded system:
1. Blue board – raw seafood.
2. Yellow board – raw poultry.
3. Red board – raw meat.
4. Brown board – cooked meat.
5. Green board – fruits and vegetables
6. White board – dairy and bakery items.

Lastly, the plastic food cutting board makes the perfect item for any commercial environment.

Cleaning the P.E Cutting Boards easy, either hand wash or any commercial dishwasher under normal cleaning conditions.

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KH Classik Chef


PE Polyethylene

Dimensions (Approx)


35406: 400 x 253 x 12.7mm
35463: 457 x 305 x 12.7mm
35514: 508 x 381 x 12.7mm
35616: 610 x 457 x 12.7mm
35748: 508 x 381 x 19.0mm


12.7mm & 19.0mm Available



NSF Approved




Colour Coded




Colour Code Guide
Blue: Seafood
Green: Vegetables
Red: Raw Meats
Yellow: Poultry
Brown: Cooked Meats

  • NSF Approved
  • Colour Coded To Help You Identify Food Types In Order To Prevent Cross Contamination In The Kitchen
  • HACCP Approved & Colour Coded To Meet Regulations
  • Non-Toxic
  • Handwash Recommended

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