KH Pizza Cutter Wheel

  • 4” Stainless Steel Wheel
  • Black Plastic Handle Ensures Safe
  • Great For Slicing Pizzas, Pie Crusts, And Cookie Dough
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Need quality KH Pizza Cutter Wheel? Nothing beats Ken Hands!

KH Pizza Cutter Wheel is used in the Australian hospitality industry.

In places like restaurants, pizza shops, kitchens and similar locations.

Firstly, the cutter features a strong steel cutting wheel.

Keep up with hungry customers by using this pizza cutter.

An essential tool for any pizzeria, this pizza cutter is sharp and sturdy for everyday use.

Above all, you can even use it at your bakery for cutting through dough and cookie or dessert pizzas.

You and your staff will be able to handle the dinnertime rush as you neatly and effortlessly slice through even the thickest crust with this wheel!

Secondly, this KH Pizza Cutter meets the rigorous use within the commercial industry.

The one-piece, black molded plastic handle offers a safe and comfortable grip which makes the cutter easy to maneuver and control.

This ensures better safety and comfort for employees as they quickly cut and serve product.

Thirdly, the cutter has a strong ergonomic black handle.

Great for cutting crusts including thin, thick, deep pan and cheesy crust.

Not just for pizzas, you can use this cutter for baking as well. It works perfectly as a dough cutter for cookies and other baked goods.

The Pizza Cutter makes the perfect tools for any pizza chef / pizzeria.

The stainless steel blade will provide long-lasting use and is easy to clean, while the 4″ size is a convenient size for cutting.

In addition, the large, 4″ diameter of this pizza cutter wheel makes it the ideal choice for quickly slicing large pizzas.

Lastly, cleaning the pizza cutter is easy, commercial dishwash under normal cleaning conditions.

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KH Classik Chef

Material Blade

Stainless Steel

Material Handle


Blade Dimension


Colour Handle

  • 4” Stainless Steel Wheel
  • Black Plastic Handle Ensures Safe And Comfortable Gripping
  • Great For Slicing Pizzas, Pie Crusts, And More
  • Easy To Use And Clean
  • Sharp Blade
  • Great For Pizzerias And Restaurants
  • Handwash Recommended

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