TRUST® Commercial Stackable Food Grade Tote Box Dolly

  • Rectangular Design For Easy Stacking
  • Increases Safety And Productivity
  • Constructed Of Durable Plastic And Steel
  • Seamless Construction And Rounded Corners
  • Non-marking Castors
  • Freezer Safe
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18170 TRUST® Commercial Stackable Food Grade Tote Box Dolly Ea 1
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Commercial Tote Box Bin Dolly are a popular item with cleaners, cooks, waiters and builders.

TRUST® Commercial Tote Box Bin Dolly used in Australian kitchens, hotels and similar food serving areas.

Firstly this quality food tote box meets the rigorous use within the commercial industry.

Designed to carry and transport TRUST® tote boxes.

This cart will easily accommodate stacked tote boxes. It can cut the time it takes to move / relocate raw material and help you to keep up with your busy service rush.

Constructed of durable plastic and steel, this sturdy dolly is capable of withstanding long-term heavy use.

Thirdly the rectangular base, provides a comfortable base for your tote boxes.

This dolly is ideal for transporting pizza, bread, buns, desserts, and other goods within your pizzeria, restaurant, or bakery.

After a morning of high-volume preperation, measuring and mixing. Stack all of your food storage containers onto the dolly to be transported in one easy load to your kitchen or cool room.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about scuffs and scratches from your wheels!

The non-marking casters ensure easy steering by gliding smoothly across all floor surfaces.

There’s no need to worry about these casters leaving marks on plant or retail floors either, because they feature a non-skid and non-scuff design for smooth transportation.

The strong durable plastic base ensures optimal stability for heavy loads.

Secondly the TRUST® tote box dolly provides increased safety and productivity, this cart can help you save valuable time and energy in your food transportation!

Made by TRUST®, as a result the quality tote box dolly is very durable.

Above all, it’s complete with corner lips ensuring an easy secure stacking system.

Most importantly the re-inforced rims help deter any chips or peels.

Cleaning the bin is a breeze simply hose and wipe down.

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Trust Plastic


White Or Grey


18160 & 18162: W 708 x D 434 x H 272mm
18164 & 18166: W 708 x D 434 x H 384mm


18160 & 18162: 53lt
18164 & 18166: 75lt




The Ultimate Food Safe Stackable Tote Box!

  • Stackable
  • Rectangular Design For Easy Storage
  • Grip Handles
  • Reinforced Rib Bottom Allows Product To Be Dragged
  • NSF Approved
  • Safely Store Food Raw Material
  • Seamless Construction And Rounded Corners
  • Commercial Dishwasher Safe Under Normal Conditions
  • Complete With Lid
  • Lid Snaps Tight
  • Freezer Safe
  • Compatible Dolly Available Sold Separately

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